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    Technical Specification

      • Material Specification: High impact,Self Extinguishing, Rigid PVC
      • Mechanical Specification: Tensile Strength- >390kg/cm² /Impact Strength- > 7kgs.cm/cm   
      • Electrical Properties: Di-electric Strength– 36kV/mm
      • Colour: Standard – Grey & White (Other colours available with MOQ)
      • Flammability: UL94 VO


    • Manufactured from specially compounded high-impact rigid PVC (Poly Vinyl Chloride).
    • Provided High Tensile & Compressive Strength.
    • Smooth corners and edges, so will not abrade wiring or irritate hand.
    • Unique cover design assures the duct cover will not slide once installed or during vibration.
    • Facilitates systematic wiring
    • Enhances clarity and aesthetic look.
    • Allows faster addition, fault tracing of wires and connection.
    • Highly durable, will not crack, peel or chip also resistant to oil, fungus and salt solutions.
    • Easy and e ective cover grip.
    • High dielectric strength can withstand temperature upto 50 degrees.
    • Narrow slots/fingers design provides more slots to closer fit the spacing of high density terminal blocks and other hardware.
    • Provided with mounting holes.
    • Bunching and taping of wires can be avoided.
    • Also can be used as systematic wiring trunking.
    • Provide complete electrical insulation.


    RI-I are available in 1 meter.
    2 meters & 2.9 meter are also available on request for bulk quantity.
    Other colours: Black, Blue & White are available for bulk quantity, on request.


    25 x 25 Yes
    30 x 25 Yes
    45 x 25 Yes
    45 x 45 Yes
    45 x 60 Yes
    60 x 25 Yes
    60 x 45 Yes
    60 x 60 Yes
    80 x 25 Yes
    80 x 45 Yes
    80 x 60 Yes
    80 x 80 Yes
    50 x 100 Yes
    100 x 100 Yes

    NOTE: In size 50mm x 100mm we also have divider available seperatly to organize electronic and electrical wiring.

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